Birth Control Decision Tool


Melissa Cagan,

Chen-Yu Chiu,

& Taery Kim


4 Weeks


MA Studio II: Introduction to Interaction Design


Figma, AfterEffects

The Environmental Charter School is a charter school organization based in Pittsburgh, PA with classes for students from kindergarten to 9th grade.  The school was founded in 2007 and has grown since then to provide schooling to over 950 students.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, the school came to our studio class with a challenge:

How might we use visual communication design to help constituents of the Environmental Charter School better understand pandemic response efforts from the school?

Our Goal:

Take pressure off parents and guide them through some of the difficulties of teaching from home.

Our Solution:

The Virtual Family Wellness Initiative was developed to alleviate pandemic-related stress within ECS households while also improving school-caregiver communication.  Our system provides tools to manage stressors and build skills through mindfulness activities, home learning tools, and family networking for long-term wellbeing.


The Research:

Our research was mostly based off interviews with the client, a member of the charter school's

administration, who described an overall atmosphere of confusion and anger surrounding their family communications at the time.  Additionally, we gleaned information from parent focus groups and online sources like the New York Times and Child Mind Institute.  With our information collected, myself and my group organized our thoughts through an affinity diagram.