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Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign

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In spring of 2021, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic had seen more than 120 million cases of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and more than 2.6 million deaths. Medical companies had developed effective vaccines which were beginning to become available to the general public. At the time young adults aged 18-29 made up a majority of Covid-19 cases in the US, but had received the fewest vaccines of all eligible age groups.  

If we view the problem situation as if it is an anxiety and lack of confidence about vaccine administration in young adults, then we must present direct and impactful information to the general public that speaks to their day-to-day experiences and motivations.

The Solution

An information campaign geared towards young adults that addresses common anxieties around receiving vaccinations. The campaign consists of straightforward messaging and graphics that speak to hesitancy as a product of uncertainty and misinformation.


Before I conducted user research, I began with framing the problem.  To better understand the problem space of Covid-19 vaccine distribution amongst young adults, I created a map to visualize the relationship between stakeholders.  I then conducted interviews with 5 participants and looked at existing social issue campaigns.

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Anxiety is exacerbated by scary headlines - particularly ones about variants and side effects in young people.

There is uncertainty around the possible risks of getting the vaccine as a young person.

Concerns about safety are the top reason for vaccine hesitancy. (Interviews, Pew Research Center)

A lot of information is consumed from social media posts by individuals' friends.

Campaign 1

Goal: To alleviate anxiety by contextualizing vaccine risk with the risks of common activities and objects.

All designs come in a size for social media (1:1), posters (tabloid and 18x24"), and a billboard (2:1).

Campaign 2

Goal: To motivate young adults to opt-in to receiving Covid-19 vaccinations through a proxy motivation of returning to enjoyable, sociable activities.

All designs come in a size for social media (1:1) and posters (tabloid).

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